Monday, March 23, 2009

PLKN aka NS aka Program Latihan Khidmat Negara aka National Service!!!^^

Whoosh!!!!! I juz realised that i din write bout my 3 months experience in NS!!! Oh my! What a shame it is.. T.T Well.. I managed to post of a few of my PLKN pics up here.. Wanna c more? Head on to my friendster profile!! ;) Well.. For me, PLKN life has been superb!!! Well, if u wan proof, I can tell u that I've officially gained 3 whole kgs!!! Aaarrgghh.. I need to go on a DIET!! Hopefully it will b sucessful.. Hopefully dat is.. -.-''' I mean I missed the food here in JB n I juz cant resist the temptation of nibbling all those goodies goodies while I'm at home.. LAck of discipline huh? @.@ Anyways, I had ALOT of 1st times back there in PLKN.. Here's the list of them :-
1. Bath in the presence of more than 10 ppl. (wrapped in a sarong of cuz)
2. Gone shooting. (Got 84 marks! A1!!!^^)
3. Danced 'Agogo' on stage!!!
4. Sang in front of so many ppl.
5. Strained my tendons n ligaments. (Had to wrap my pinky n rigman together for 2 weeks using two popsicle sticks n a gauze bandage) o.O
6. Saw a real life black snake in front of my very eyes, not caged. *Shivers*
7. DOne an obstacle track.
8. Done flying fox.
9. Wen to visit a jail with real criminals in it.
10. Went jungle treckking.
11. Build a camp using raincoats n sticks.
12. Learned a lil bit of 'shuffle'.
13. Wah.... STOP!!! Too much d la..
Hahaha... I did a lot of things there la.. REally loved it! Met a lot of great ppl too! So guys, pls dun give NS a bad impression. I din die there n I really enjoyed it! Learned a lot of new things too! Well.. Those news u c on the newspapers, they, r juz merely accidents.. I mean accidents do happen rite??? So for those who got into NS, think positive! U'll enjoy it if u have a positive attitude!!!^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Elo Guys!!^^
Back to blogging!^^ Hmm.. Dunno where to start actually.. Hahaha.. Lets start with my shocking SPM results.. @.@ Well, I went to school early that day n yeah.. Pretty excited n scared.. DUnno whether I can achieve that 10 A1 or not.. N then.. Walla! SPM results finally arrived in my school! I was like the first one to queue up n asking for my result slip then.. The moment of truth.. Tears of joy fell from my eyes.. Yeah rite! -.-''' Tears of shock n agony I mean.. OMG.. The worst results I ever had in my entire secondary school life!! o.O So yeah.. I cried n cried for like erm... how long??? 2 whole hours in school! Then I went to my friend's house, too embarrassed to face my relatives.. I've dissapointed my family.. Sigh.. Those feelings of dissapointment n shock really crushed my heart into teeny weeny bits.. :( But in the end.. I managed to get a hold of myself and my mum went to fetch me home.. I.. Somehow.. Cried again.. -.-''' Can't help it.. Okokok... Enuf of all that sad sad moments.. NOW.. I'm starting college! Pretty fast huh? I mean juz finished PLKN, got my results then the next week, COLLEGE!!! Woah... But it's fine for me as I am bored to death juz staying at home.. Hmm.. REally do hoope I can cope with my CAT course as I'd already missed out 2 weeks of classes!! @.@ Scared + excited!^^ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T Btw.. Juz got my new haircut!!^^ How's zit??? Hehe.. New image, new life eh? XD