Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

This is to all my beloved dears out there!!! Thanks for being by my side and keep cheering me up during this distressed moments..^^
First, thanks to Leslie!! Thanks for being my company when i needed someone to talk to.. I really really really appreciate it!!!^^ Thanks for allowing me to pour out all my problems.. I really felt so much more comfortable after having that phone call with you!!^^
Next, thanks to Magdeline!! Thanks Mag! You were really smart.. U could guess wad really happened although i din even give u a single clue on wads goin on!! Ur AMAZING!!!^^ Thanks for not giving up on me and continuing ur efforts to ask me about what happened.. I'm really really really touched by ur sincerity!!^^
Last but not least, Ah Seong!!^^ Hahahaha... Although the name "Ah Seong" is in one of my teacher's english books, decribing that this particular "Ah Seong" guy is some sort like a rapist that tried to repe his gf.. -_-''' but... haha.. This "Ah Seong" that i noe is 100% SAFE to be with!!^^ hahahaha... No offence ya??? It's really in the book!! T.T This cute cute n kind kind guy that always said "yush" instead of "yes" really made my day ytd..^^ He started out acting like a sot sot guy making me all tensed up n scared.. But finally, really made my day came out ALL SHINY & BRIGHT!!^^ Thanks Seong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
LOVE all of u guys!!!!!!!!!!! Can't imagine my life without ALL OF U!!!^^ Muacks!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm blurred... I'm confused.. I dunno who u r anymore? R u still the person whom i know a long time ago?? R u still the one whom i turst n believe with all my heart?? R u still the one whom i can rely on all the times?? No.. nonononono... NO!!!!!! All the previous things that you've given me.. Your care, your protection, your love, your EVERYTHING is just a LIE!!! I dun even know who you are anymore! R u really the person whom you've described to me?? What you've told me.. EVERYTHING... including your acomplishments, friends, enemies... They are ALL LIES which you'd made up! I dont understand!!! Y must you do this to me?? Everything.. I believe everything.. Every single word you've said.. I believe it without a single doubt.. N.. This is the result.. HAHA!!! Angela oh Angela.. You r SOSOSOSO STUPID to have believe him! I'd always treated you as someone whom i respect.. Someone whom i wanna b someday.. My role model.. But.. now.. all these things that u've shown me.. r all juz pretend.. I dont wanna believe this thing.. I dun wanna accept the fact that all these are lies.. I even argued with my friend whom told me these truth yesterday.. But.. I guess.. You have to accept the facts no matter how hurtful they are.. Now.. I really cant describe my feelings towards you.. I think I hate you.. I think I dispise you.. I think I'm really angry with you.. I think I.. There are just to many mixed up feelings about you.. You made me really really dissapointed in you.. BUT 1 feeling towards you is for sure.. I AM SCARED OF YOU.. I dunno who u r anymore.. You're not the kind and sweet guy i noe.. I'm really scared.. Your now a stranger in my life.. A murderer that killed me by shattering my heart into a million pieces.. I am scared.. I really am.. I dunno how to face you again.. really... Mayb this is the end of our journey together.. Thanks for being my so called "FRIEND" everytime i needed u.. Thanks for all your pretend and lies.. I had enough.. It's time to say BYEBYE and move on with my life..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Fan' a!!! T.T

Whoosh....... These few days are really hectic for me.. T.T Suddenly the mentor-mentee programs, convent girls, misunderstandings between seong, mum's moody n keep on scolding ppl, aunt keep complaining, frens probs, studies prob, prefects' serah tugas like not serah tugas.. T.T Still have to go tugas lo!! The teacher keep saying, we dun have enuf prefects, those prefects have probs, we still need the form 3 n 5!! T.T Haiz.. in the end, still have to tugas till end of the year!!!!!! Ahh!!!!! UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! T.T THen us 5 Science prefects got scolded by our maths teacher.. She was like saying that we should go tell our prefects' teacher that we should not leave our class early for duties n stuf everyday.. She was like scolding n scolding n scolding.. T.T My dear Cik.Lim a.. U tot we din complain meh?? We did k??? Complain until hai yo.. Dunno how to say.. T.T BUt no use a.. Still have to tugas.. Us prefects oso dun wan de a.. Who would wan o??? T.T Sobs sobs.. Wah..... So many probs de lo.. I wanna faint d.. T.T BUt gud thing some of these probs r solved d.. Misunderstandings between dar n frens r ok d n all 9 of my mentees are all guai guai de..^^ These only lo.. haiz..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cute rite??? ;)

Hmm.. Today can't stop thinking about Seong.. If your wondering who's Seong, he's the one posing in the picture above! Haha.. ;) Actually, I secretly took this pic without him noticing.. Hehe.. SO bad hor?? But sosososo CUTE de lo!!! Hahaha.. ;) He's so gonna KILL me if he sees this! ;) Well, as I was saying, I couldn't stop thinking about him coz I was in a rush to go offline ytd n I din even properly said goodbye n goodnight to him.. Feel sosososo bad.. T.T Anyway, thinking of him reminds me of his brother.. Haha.. I did not mean to call his brother a cow.. T.T It's juz that my brain accidentally interpreted ccw into cow.. Sobs.. I did not realise it till Seong told me wad happened exactly.. -_-''' I laughed for maybe about 30 mins.. T.T Can't believe that i'm SOSOSOSO BLUR!!! Gosh.. Seong said I'm so retarded.. Haiz.. Anyway.. Chin Wei, I'm sosososoososo SORRY!!! No more next time!!! T.T

Now.. about my school life.. Woon Sin almost cried today.. Well, it's a case of backstabbing.. U noe?? The ones where ur frens talk behind your back although she pretends to love you?? Yeah.. That kind of case.. Wan Yee and Pei Shi wrote in a piece of paper:

-Woon Sin and Hao Qiang is sososososo childish!! It's as if two 3-year-olds are dating..
-Hao Qiang is still ok, Woon Sin is the one who's immature. I couldn't stand her..
-All she has in her brains are books books books!!! So dull!!
-I wonder how's she gonna survive in the future! She's gonna get CHEATED!

Well, this is all I can remember.. T.T Woon Sin is sososososo sad... Everyday, her mother will fetch Wan Yee home.. Woon Sin's mother even brought Wan Yee to register for the driving licence thingy, treat her to lunch.. Then there was this 1 time where Wan Yee has extra class.. She told Woon Sin to wait for her.. BUt that particular day, Woon Sin's mum had prepared soup n everything.. She doen't want Woon Sin to get hungry coz Wan Yee will only finish her class in another 45 minutes later.. So she brought Woon Sin home.. Unfortunately, Wan Yee finished her class 5 minutes earlier.. When she saw that Woon Sin's mother had gone home, she scolded Woon Sin n her mother!! "I feel so 'tu lan' lo.. Damn Woon Sin's mother! Can't she wait??" Then suddenly out of the blue, Woon Sin's mother's car appeared.. Obviously, after sending Woon Sin home, her mother purposely cum back to school to fetch Wan Yee back!!! Hey! Wan Yee did not pay any transportation fees ok?? Woon Sin's mother kindly offerred her a lift home n purposely came back to fetch her coz she had extra class!!! N dats the way to treat someone who went an extra mile to get u home? Haha! I think not!!! Anyway, Yin Yen and Tze Yang are also 2 other characters that are in that particular piece of paper..

-Serves Yin Yen right! Who asked her to have sex without having any safety precausions? Great! Now she's pregnant!
-Tze Yang is also one of those irresponsible guys..
-See what they'd gotten themselves into! The baby is innocent!! Damn Yin Yen n Tze Yang. Din think of the consequences..

Excuse me hor! Yin Yen is not pregnant lo! She went back to Perak to take care of her grandma who's suffering from a stroke.. Juz becoz she stopped schooling for about 1 month doesn't means that she's pregnant ok???!!! She has her duties to fulfill wad.. She has to take care of her grandma! Is that wrong???? Grr.... Poor Yin Yen.. She's gonna come back to school in August or September.. How is she gonna face all this?? T.T Poor Yin Yen... Sobs Sobs..
I noe.. I'm not involved in this Wan Yee-Pei Shi paper thingy.. But.. Haiz.. I juz dun get it.. Why muz ppl b so mean?? Dun they have better things to do??? I juz dun get it!! T.T

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tired!!! T.T

Hooo...... So tired today!! I went to school this morning feeling all dizzy.. My whole body is aching really bad.. My legs, hands, whole body in fact r aching really really bad.. T.T I couldn't stand the pain.. Can't stand up straight.. I really couldn't stand the pain any longer.. I went inside the 'bengkel KH', took a chair, sat down, put my hands on the table and rest my head on my folded hands.. I slept the during whole assembly.. I really couldn't stand it.. I'm just too tired.. T.T Haiz...

Some ppl have no BRAINS!!! Grr...

Whew!!! Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday.. Was too too too too TIRED!!! Well, now i'll tell you guys ALL that had happened ytd.. It was frustrating indeed!!!!! T.T Well.. as usual.. Still HATE those stupid girls.. HATE them a LOT!! T.T It's not my fault that ppl wanna donate their money to my members.. LOOK at their own face expressions for heaven's SAKE!!! All sulky and black.. Who would wanna donate???? T.T But it's diff for my school alright.. I tot all my members to smile and ask for donations politely.. Told them to watch their tone of their voices n say thank you although they did not donate.. So, of coz those ppl out there preferred my school!! You guys would too rite? Haiz.. Juz really really dun like those group of GIRLS!!!!!!!!! They even asked the security guard to chase us out!! Talk about BITCHES!!!! Grrr.. Anyway.. All 15 donation cans r SUPER full!! NOt becoz there's A LOT of money, but it's coz the cans r juz TOO SMALL!!!!!!!!!! Have to go complain to the headquarters bout the size of the cans!!! T.T

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flag Day in the CITY!!!!

Went to JB town today.. Wheesh!!! It's just pathetic! The only thing positive is that we managed to get our donation cans half-full n of coz.. McD! ;) Never knew those people out there really noes how to get on ppl's nerves! Stupid! They r really a humiliation to all the girls out there! So wat they r from a well-known school? They're juz well-known for their good grades but they r also well-known for their damn stupid personalities!! Except for some..^^ They really get on ppl's nerves!! HATE them! Well.. as usual.. when there r bad guys, there's always the HERO of the day! hahaha...^^ N guess who?? 2 guys!! haha.. They are SUPER helpfull and sweet!!! They took care of my school a lot!!!^^ It really really really ruin the reputation of the girls.. T.T Well.. Hope tomorrow willb a better day for me as my school will b combining with the 'heroes' school tomorrow!!^^

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hari Bendera 2008!!!!!!!!^^

Flag Day is here again!!!^^ Whew!! Bzbzbz!! T.T Hehe.. Gotta do my very best to make sure that my school reach our goal of RM10,000!!! Hehe.. Impossible?? NO WAY!! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Haha..^^ EVERYONE!! Make sure you guys be there to SUPPORT me kay?? SMKTDJ's SJAM team will b at..
1. Jusco Tebrau City
2. City Square
3. Kastam
4. Giant Plentong
5. Carrefour
6. Taman Desa Jaya
7. Taman Desa Cemerlang
8. Plaza Pelangi
9. Taman Ehsan Jaya
So make sure you guys be there to support US!!!!!!!!^^ Muacks! ;)

Hey there!!^^

Hey hey!!!^^
Haha.. This is my first blog here in blogspot!!^^ Hehe.. So here here!! Angela's story has begun!!^^