Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flag Day in the CITY!!!!

Went to JB town today.. Wheesh!!! It's just pathetic! The only thing positive is that we managed to get our donation cans half-full n of coz.. McD! ;) Never knew those people out there really noes how to get on ppl's nerves! Stupid! They r really a humiliation to all the girls out there! So wat they r from a well-known school? They're juz well-known for their good grades but they r also well-known for their damn stupid personalities!! Except for some..^^ They really get on ppl's nerves!! HATE them! Well.. as usual.. when there r bad guys, there's always the HERO of the day! hahaha...^^ N guess who?? 2 guys!! haha.. They are SUPER helpfull and sweet!!! They took care of my school a lot!!!^^ It really really really ruin the reputation of the girls.. T.T Well.. Hope tomorrow willb a better day for me as my school will b combining with the 'heroes' school tomorrow!!^^

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