Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Fan' a!!! T.T

Whoosh....... These few days are really hectic for me.. T.T Suddenly the mentor-mentee programs, convent girls, misunderstandings between seong, mum's moody n keep on scolding ppl, aunt keep complaining, frens probs, studies prob, prefects' serah tugas like not serah tugas.. T.T Still have to go tugas lo!! The teacher keep saying, we dun have enuf prefects, those prefects have probs, we still need the form 3 n 5!! T.T Haiz.. in the end, still have to tugas till end of the year!!!!!! Ahh!!!!! UNFAIR!!!!!!!!! T.T THen us 5 Science prefects got scolded by our maths teacher.. She was like saying that we should go tell our prefects' teacher that we should not leave our class early for duties n stuf everyday.. She was like scolding n scolding n scolding.. T.T My dear Cik.Lim a.. U tot we din complain meh?? We did k??? Complain until hai yo.. Dunno how to say.. T.T BUt no use a.. Still have to tugas.. Us prefects oso dun wan de a.. Who would wan o??? T.T Sobs sobs.. Wah..... So many probs de lo.. I wanna faint d.. T.T BUt gud thing some of these probs r solved d.. Misunderstandings between dar n frens r ok d n all 9 of my mentees are all guai guai de..^^ These only lo.. haiz..

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Anonymous said...

Haiyo...i not so like the mentorand menties programe lo!stress when facing 5 science de menties lo!i feel i not enough good for them lo..some of the question that they ask me i don know how to do la!need ask teacher help lo feel very malu la!i really scare lo!