Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cute rite??? ;)

Hmm.. Today can't stop thinking about Seong.. If your wondering who's Seong, he's the one posing in the picture above! Haha.. ;) Actually, I secretly took this pic without him noticing.. Hehe.. SO bad hor?? But sosososo CUTE de lo!!! Hahaha.. ;) He's so gonna KILL me if he sees this! ;) Well, as I was saying, I couldn't stop thinking about him coz I was in a rush to go offline ytd n I din even properly said goodbye n goodnight to him.. Feel sosososo bad.. T.T Anyway, thinking of him reminds me of his brother.. Haha.. I did not mean to call his brother a cow.. T.T It's juz that my brain accidentally interpreted ccw into cow.. Sobs.. I did not realise it till Seong told me wad happened exactly.. -_-''' I laughed for maybe about 30 mins.. T.T Can't believe that i'm SOSOSOSO BLUR!!! Gosh.. Seong said I'm so retarded.. Haiz.. Anyway.. Chin Wei, I'm sosososoososo SORRY!!! No more next time!!! T.T

Now.. about my school life.. Woon Sin almost cried today.. Well, it's a case of backstabbing.. U noe?? The ones where ur frens talk behind your back although she pretends to love you?? Yeah.. That kind of case.. Wan Yee and Pei Shi wrote in a piece of paper:

-Woon Sin and Hao Qiang is sososososo childish!! It's as if two 3-year-olds are dating..
-Hao Qiang is still ok, Woon Sin is the one who's immature. I couldn't stand her..
-All she has in her brains are books books books!!! So dull!!
-I wonder how's she gonna survive in the future! She's gonna get CHEATED!

Well, this is all I can remember.. T.T Woon Sin is sososososo sad... Everyday, her mother will fetch Wan Yee home.. Woon Sin's mother even brought Wan Yee to register for the driving licence thingy, treat her to lunch.. Then there was this 1 time where Wan Yee has extra class.. She told Woon Sin to wait for her.. BUt that particular day, Woon Sin's mum had prepared soup n everything.. She doen't want Woon Sin to get hungry coz Wan Yee will only finish her class in another 45 minutes later.. So she brought Woon Sin home.. Unfortunately, Wan Yee finished her class 5 minutes earlier.. When she saw that Woon Sin's mother had gone home, she scolded Woon Sin n her mother!! "I feel so 'tu lan' lo.. Damn Woon Sin's mother! Can't she wait??" Then suddenly out of the blue, Woon Sin's mother's car appeared.. Obviously, after sending Woon Sin home, her mother purposely cum back to school to fetch Wan Yee back!!! Hey! Wan Yee did not pay any transportation fees ok?? Woon Sin's mother kindly offerred her a lift home n purposely came back to fetch her coz she had extra class!!! N dats the way to treat someone who went an extra mile to get u home? Haha! I think not!!! Anyway, Yin Yen and Tze Yang are also 2 other characters that are in that particular piece of paper..

-Serves Yin Yen right! Who asked her to have sex without having any safety precausions? Great! Now she's pregnant!
-Tze Yang is also one of those irresponsible guys..
-See what they'd gotten themselves into! The baby is innocent!! Damn Yin Yen n Tze Yang. Din think of the consequences..

Excuse me hor! Yin Yen is not pregnant lo! She went back to Perak to take care of her grandma who's suffering from a stroke.. Juz becoz she stopped schooling for about 1 month doesn't means that she's pregnant ok???!!! She has her duties to fulfill wad.. She has to take care of her grandma! Is that wrong???? Grr.... Poor Yin Yen.. She's gonna come back to school in August or September.. How is she gonna face all this?? T.T Poor Yin Yen... Sobs Sobs..
I noe.. I'm not involved in this Wan Yee-Pei Shi paper thingy.. But.. Haiz.. I juz dun get it.. Why muz ppl b so mean?? Dun they have better things to do??? I juz dun get it!! T.T


Chareessa said...

It seems that ur really feeling mad about what your friends are goin thru....this is part of life..All we need to do is to work hard and stay positive!!!!!M sure you'll b able to do that...I enjoy reading long long posts like this...hahaha...

Angel said...

wah.. hahaha.. great to hear that!!^^
So hows ur blog cumin on???^^

Chareessa @ Sweetie said...

i'll update it from time to time lo...
btw,how to add u as fren ah???

n b sure to post me comments ya...

Angel said...

haha.. cannot add de.. I juz linked u to my page..^^