Monday, July 14, 2008

Some ppl have no BRAINS!!! Grr...

Whew!!! Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday.. Was too too too too TIRED!!! Well, now i'll tell you guys ALL that had happened ytd.. It was frustrating indeed!!!!! T.T Well.. as usual.. Still HATE those stupid girls.. HATE them a LOT!! T.T It's not my fault that ppl wanna donate their money to my members.. LOOK at their own face expressions for heaven's SAKE!!! All sulky and black.. Who would wanna donate???? T.T But it's diff for my school alright.. I tot all my members to smile and ask for donations politely.. Told them to watch their tone of their voices n say thank you although they did not donate.. So, of coz those ppl out there preferred my school!! You guys would too rite? Haiz.. Juz really really dun like those group of GIRLS!!!!!!!!! They even asked the security guard to chase us out!! Talk about BITCHES!!!! Grrr.. Anyway.. All 15 donation cans r SUPER full!! NOt becoz there's A LOT of money, but it's coz the cans r juz TOO SMALL!!!!!!!!!! Have to go complain to the headquarters bout the size of the cans!!! T.T

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