Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm blurred... I'm confused.. I dunno who u r anymore? R u still the person whom i know a long time ago?? R u still the one whom i turst n believe with all my heart?? R u still the one whom i can rely on all the times?? No.. nonononono... NO!!!!!! All the previous things that you've given me.. Your care, your protection, your love, your EVERYTHING is just a LIE!!! I dun even know who you are anymore! R u really the person whom you've described to me?? What you've told me.. EVERYTHING... including your acomplishments, friends, enemies... They are ALL LIES which you'd made up! I dont understand!!! Y must you do this to me?? Everything.. I believe everything.. Every single word you've said.. I believe it without a single doubt.. N.. This is the result.. HAHA!!! Angela oh Angela.. You r SOSOSOSO STUPID to have believe him! I'd always treated you as someone whom i respect.. Someone whom i wanna b someday.. My role model.. But.. now.. all these things that u've shown me.. r all juz pretend.. I dont wanna believe this thing.. I dun wanna accept the fact that all these are lies.. I even argued with my friend whom told me these truth yesterday.. But.. I guess.. You have to accept the facts no matter how hurtful they are.. Now.. I really cant describe my feelings towards you.. I think I hate you.. I think I dispise you.. I think I'm really angry with you.. I think I.. There are just to many mixed up feelings about you.. You made me really really dissapointed in you.. BUT 1 feeling towards you is for sure.. I AM SCARED OF YOU.. I dunno who u r anymore.. You're not the kind and sweet guy i noe.. I'm really scared.. Your now a stranger in my life.. A murderer that killed me by shattering my heart into a million pieces.. I am scared.. I really am.. I dunno how to face you again.. really... Mayb this is the end of our journey together.. Thanks for being my so called "FRIEND" everytime i needed u.. Thanks for all your pretend and lies.. I had enough.. It's time to say BYEBYE and move on with my life..


Chareessa @ Sweetie said...

hey hey,
r u ok??
hope you've cooled down by now...

Angel said...

yeah.. cooled down a lil d..^^