Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

This is to all my beloved dears out there!!! Thanks for being by my side and keep cheering me up during this distressed moments..^^
First, thanks to Leslie!! Thanks for being my company when i needed someone to talk to.. I really really really appreciate it!!!^^ Thanks for allowing me to pour out all my problems.. I really felt so much more comfortable after having that phone call with you!!^^
Next, thanks to Magdeline!! Thanks Mag! You were really smart.. U could guess wad really happened although i din even give u a single clue on wads goin on!! Ur AMAZING!!!^^ Thanks for not giving up on me and continuing ur efforts to ask me about what happened.. I'm really really really touched by ur sincerity!!^^
Last but not least, Ah Seong!!^^ Hahahaha... Although the name "Ah Seong" is in one of my teacher's english books, decribing that this particular "Ah Seong" guy is some sort like a rapist that tried to repe his gf.. -_-''' but... haha.. This "Ah Seong" that i noe is 100% SAFE to be with!!^^ hahahaha... No offence ya??? It's really in the book!! T.T This cute cute n kind kind guy that always said "yush" instead of "yes" really made my day ytd..^^ He started out acting like a sot sot guy making me all tensed up n scared.. But finally, really made my day came out ALL SHINY & BRIGHT!!^^ Thanks Seong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
LOVE all of u guys!!!!!!!!!!! Can't imagine my life without ALL OF U!!!^^ Muacks!!!!!!!! :)


Chareessa @ Sweetie said...

ur so lucky to hv such good friends who treasure u and love you!
take care..

Angel said...

You have TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

magdeline said...

hey...don upset anymore lo!we all very worry you lo!haha...i am not that amazing lo!if you don mind when you upset i can be your listener!

Angel said...

haha.. Mag.. U R AMAZING k?^^ N thanks so much!! love u!^^