Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whew.. Just came back from PLKN.. I've beecome dark.. Nanncy became dark... Okok... Now.. What is Nanncy doin in my house????? @.@
Well.. Let me explain.
Hmm... It's cause, she's here to erm...
Console n accompany me?? -.-'''
Okok.. Fine.
I'll gonna come clean now..
My Grandma passed away on the day I came back from camp.. N yeah...
I din get to c her. I came back at 8.30pm while she left me at 3.53..
Everyone was hiding the truth from me, even my own mother..
Hmm.. Mayb they knew I couldn't take it alone..
Okay.. After 4 whole days of non-stop vigourous crying..
I'm finally back home.. Now i know why i love PLKN so much.. -.-
Cause i dun have to get scolded n beaten everyday...
Sigh... I wanna GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T


Chareessa said...

my condolences to u.

hope you are alright now.

glad u loved plkn

good luck

2 more months!!!

Angel said...