Friday, June 26, 2009

Yay!!^^ I passed!!!^^

Woot!!! This day have finally come!! I passed my T1 n T2 papers for CAT le!!^^ hahaha.. I got 92% for T1 n 94% for T2!!! :) Well.. It may seem like i scored my papers but... Heh heh.. To tell u the truth, I was quite dissapointed.. T.T Cuz I'd been diggin into my books n ques sheets for like 3 whole months n was expecting 100% for my papers but.. Sigh.. T.T I was confident when answering those ques though.. @.@ haha.. but it's over n.. I passed!!!^^ Hehe.. Waiting for the next sem to come!!:)


Chareessa said...

glad to hear.
my friend said that T2 quite tough de..
heys, you did score so dun feel bad le kays..
congrats again..
finally updated ur blog la..
got cobwebs already..

Khai said...

Hey Ang , so long for you to update your blog hor !!! I'm sure you are busy what...^-^..

Congratz ~

Take care~

- khai

~Angela~ said...

Awww... wow... u guys.. really very touched ler... i din realise that u guys were sosososo into my blog.. Means dat u guys din forget me ler.. T.T Gan dong de lo.. ^^

Chareessa said...

of course la..
i always check ur blog and you din update...
from now on must update le ok?
angela, I'm 300km apart from you so i need to know whats new with angela!
pls update often kays?

Khai said...

Ya lar ... Never update de !!
300KM ...I think I more far away from you Angela..

So must keep update !!!