Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sahar Sahar, my PLKN idol!^^

So unexpected... o.O Speechless too.. @.@
I still remember it was 25th of April that he suddenly sms-ed me to confess his feelings.. I was shocked.. Never would have expected that to happen... o.o
First let me introduce this guy.. His name is Sahar.. Super duper talented and attractive young man.. I met him in PLKN n am very honoured to have a chance to be in the same group with him during our last random grouping. (Teachers wanna separate ur from our frens so they randomly place us into diff groups every now n then... -.-''') We seldom have the chance to talk to each other though as we r from diff companies.. I'm from Delta n he's from Alpha.. @.@ So the only chance we have to get to know each other better is during our KN class.. ^^ Well, honestly, he is my PLKN idol!!! Hehehe.. Dun b mistaken.. He has a lotta fans!! But compared to our camp's penghulu (my 2nd idol), he's still ranked as the runner-up.. T.T But for me, he's num 1 alrite!! :-) How he became so many ppl's idol u may ask?? Well.. I can come up with a whole list!!! XDXD
1st of all he's a very very open-minded person.. I still remember that time he was being selected to act as the japanese that tortures us Malaysians.. He accepted the role open-mindedly and even dared to say "Matilah engkau melayu babi!" I noe it's juz acting but.. Woah... I'm impressed!!! Teacher din even ask him to say that!! He juz took that role seriously n splurted out those words!! I mean, he could say cina instead of melayu as we all noe those Japanese last time hated the chinese to the core but he decided not to.. Aww.. I'm truly impressed!!
2nd, he's a very good debater alrite.. Well, a lawyer job will definately suit him fine! We're suppose to give our opinions about Malaysia on politicsn etc.. N i can tell u!! Whenever he gives his opinion, wow! Everybody seems to get influenced by his words as if they were all so true!!! He gives n accepts ppl's opinion without havin any intention to argue.. That's 1 of the reasons y his my idol too!!^^
3rd, he has very gud leadership skills!!! He led his Alpha company to victory n won the title of 'Kompeni Terbaik' in our camp!!! Awesome!!!^^
4th, he's an amazing danceer!!! Wakakaka.. XDXD You should have seen him dance the Indian dance!!! Hahahaha... He really noes how to shake his body!! @.@
5th. He's very very very friendly n humble!! He never looks down on other ppl n is friendly to everyone even strangers!!! o.o He smiles at everyone n dats wads attractive bout his character!!! :-)
6th is cuz he's a very very very down-to-earth person n independent as welL!! After PLKN he wasted no time on finding a job while applying for Universities.. He told me that he feels embarrassed if he were to take money from his parents.. Aww.. So touching!!!! ;-)

In conclusion, he is a really really rare n nice guy.. Am really proud to have met him!!^^

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