Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Lambert!!! Vote for him America!!! ^^

Oh nonononono!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could he be in the bottom 2?????? It's juz simply a BIG NO WAY!!!! Adam is the only main reason why I'm watching American Idol this season!!! N hey.. It's not only me, the whole world is watching AI becuz of him!!! Even my mum's one of his fans now!!! ^^ GO ADAM!!! Too bad I cant vote for you.. Sigh.. T.T But u'll alwalys b my American Idol!!^^ N for u guys out there who doesn't noe who he is, click the title of this blog n it will link u to his latest performance for Rat-Pack week!!! Cant's wait to c him perform in Rock N Roll week next wed!! It'll b SMASHING!!!^^ GO Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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