Friday, May 1, 2009

St.John CDJB!!!^^

Yay!!! Today was my 1st day of trainin in the CDJB group aka Cadet Division Johor Bahru!!^^ Had a lot of fun today!!! :) Met a lot of new frens too!^^ Hehehe.. N guess who i saw?? Peter!!! OMG!!! Dats the only not cool thing dat has happened today.. T.T Cant believe he's in the same team as me!!! My mouth opened sosososo WIDE when he came in! I bet he couldn't believe his eyes toO!! He was like staring at me wondering if his eyes was playing any tricks on him.. @.@ Well.. Lets juz say let bygones b bygones eh?? But.. We din even manage to say hi.. -.-''' Pathetic aint it?? Sigh.. T.T Well.. Forget bout him!^^ Tee Unn treated us some Big Apple doughnuts n i must say.. They were Y U M M Y!!!!!!!!!!! XDXDXD Thanks Tee Unn!!!^^ Lets jia you together ba!!!^^ CDJB GOGOGOGO!!!! :-)

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